sample menu only, subject to change. we serve cocktails, wine, and beer along with a limited selection of other beverages.


Served Thursday - Saturday 11:30am until 2:00pm

Vegetarian platter

Roasted eggplant brinjal chutney, pumpkin raita, delicious daal, served with stuffed Amritsari kulcha bread

achari murgh

pickle spiced chicken curry, raita, basmati rice, side of Amritsari kulcha bread


Spicy lamb on kulcha bread, cucumber + peanut salad, pickles

Vada pav

Crispy potato milkbread sandwiches, daal, side of rice


Served Thursday - Saturday 5:30pm until 11pm.

CHAATs & snacks

VADA PAV milkbread potato sandwich, herb, tamarind + coconut chili chutney

SAMOSA sweet potato samosa with pear chutney

ALOO TIKKI CHAAT potato cake, root vegetables, crunchy fun bits, tamarind chutney, herbs & yogurt

Shared Dishes

MYSORE DOSA Crispy crepe with paneer cheese + roasted green tomato chutney, sambhar

GOBI grilled cauliflower, lentils, green apple chutney

THALI Delicious chickpea fry bread with brinjal chutney and a pumpkin raita

DAAL lentils in a delicious spicy curry sauce

CHICKEN TIKKA yogurt & spice marinated then grilled chicken thigh

VINDALOO beef brisket cooked with onions, garlic and wine in a spicy curry

MAKHANI MURGH Creamy tomato chicken butter curry with cashew and fenugreek

KEEMA Ground lamb with spices and peas






sample menu only subject to change, dishes are designed to be eaten as is, no changes or modifications please